Tech Gadgets For Outdoor Survival

For some the thrill of living off the land is the only way to super seed outdoor survival; however there are some techie gadgets for others needing a little help with their outdoor adventures. Techie gadgets for outdoor survival should be well constructed to handle all the elements of rough terrain and adverse weather conditions.  If you find yourself lost or needing assistance to get to safety; these gadgets are true lifesavers; or if you are looking for cool gadgets that will bring the comfort of your home to the outdoors, then these are considered lifesavers against boredom.

Rig 500 Ballistic Geigerrig Hydration Pack

This backpack is your lifeline to surviving outdoors on long hikes or in the event you become lost.  There is a built in water bladder with a hose running to your mouth; hikers who need two hands for rough terrain will find this tech backpack a lifesaver.  Tip here is to freeze the water bladder to keep the supply cool for hot weather; keep your internal body temp cool is key for hydration.

 Bheestie Bag

The alternative to the dry uncooked rice technique for electronic devises that have gotten damp; the Bheestie Bag can save your phone in the event of a rain fall or muggy conditions. If you have dropped your device in standing water; chances are it will not survive; however the quicker you drop it in the vacuum sealed bag; the better the survival rate. Take your phone apart first; then drop it in the techie bag and let the micro beads absorb the moisture.

 Eton Rukus Solar-Powered Boombox

Not necessarily a gadget that assists in surviving the outdoors per say; however if you crank up the sound it could be used to sound off predators or for search rescuers to find you. The top past is the solar powered element and takes about 6 hours of sun to fully charge. You can hook up your phone via USB and also charge that too at the same time you download your music.

Garmin eTrex 10 GPS

 This is great for auto travel and hiking adventures; Garmin is one of the leading companies for making global positioning systems (GPS) devices.  This particular model is ideal for those just starting out using one of these; it provides color and black and white features, large memory capacity, and provides over 30 hours of battery life.

Gadgets for outdoor survival should be ones that fit your needs; some may need the boombox more than a GPS device.  Look for reviews on line that have actually used the gadgets outdoors rather than a safe indoor environment; and the most valuable gadget for surviving any outdoor element is knowledge.

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